–  A short travel documentary on Ethiopian Lands, People, Culture and Nature  –

4 min to immerse in the authentic Spirit of Ethiopia. Shot In Lalibela, Gondar, Simien Mountains, Harar and in between.

   Ethiopia, Natural Utopia

   Ethiopia, the ‘Roof of Africa’, the ’Cradle of Humanity’, the ‘Promised Land of Zion’…

   It had been given many Titles. One I also heard before going there for the first time, was ‘the Africa for Beginners’…?
Was it for the gently natural friendliness of the People, usually rather naturally relax?
For a religious identity we share? Or for its travellers’ general safety?
For whichever of these reason was it, I felt the expression appropriate as I had not yet stepped a real foot in deeper Africa.
Now that I am back, I could personally add another title: ‘Ethiopia, the Natural Utopia’. Is that for its breath-taking Nature? For its colourful Spiritual Identity? For its beautiful People? Or for all of these reasons combined? For this abundant land offering an incredible diversity of ecosystems and landscapes, going from arid desert regions to Afro-alpine up-lands breaking down into vertiginous abyss. 

A land combining peaks reaching above 4000m and depressions as low as 125m below sea level. Mountains, forests, lakes, meadows, deserts and swamplands. A diversity also found in the fauna, with some interesting endemic species like the Gelada, the red-hearted baboon -a peaceful grass-heater with impressive canines. 

Or either, for this fascinating primal religious form of Christianity, tinged with animist rituals and colourful arts.
A religious belief deeply infused into the People living according to essential spiritual principles and values.
People trying their best to give you their best. Everywhere I went, I left it with brothers and sisters. With a sense of home given by their authentic gentleness and respectful education just as their natural sensitivity, in deep connection with Nature Itself.
I left with lots of good memories and friends. Filled with Humanity. 

The same Humanity our ancestor ‘Lucy’ and her siblings might have been creating some 3.2 million years ago, on the same lands. 

On this antic land rich of a unique history and culture. For all those reasons I called my Ethiopia, ‘the Natural Utopia’: a land that potentially possesses ideal (or perfect) qualities for People…


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